10 Principles for Stimulating Real Creativity and Growth

1.    Allow experiences to change you. Growth and change are the natural laws of the universe, without it things stagnate, erode and atrophy. Growth doesn’t happen to you—you lean into it, embrace it and embody it. It is the willingness to be changed by events.

2.    Don’t care about good. “Good” is easy and simple to agree on. Growth is not supposed to be easy. It is a path of discovery into the unknown. Being safe with good will never allow you real growth.

3.    If you have the answer, ask another question. Don’t fear the wrong answer. It is what will lead to the right question. Let go of needing to be right and you will discover your brilliance and growth.

4.    Find joy in experimenting. The great life changing discoveries through history were part of learning how to experiment, ideate and explore.

5.    Coast and pause. Step back from anxiety and fear-based expectation and wander off the path. Reflect on an arbitrary thought or insight, have a conversation that is not rational and allow yourself to play with an idea or opportunity that presents itself.

6.    Leadership is not sitting in the corner office. Learn how to be influenced by others. Great leaders know first how to follow.

7.    Think out loud. Don’t be afraid to ask a “stupid question.” Growth is stimulated and animated by the desire to understand and the ability to be vulnerable. Voltaire said, “Judge a man by his ability to question, not give answers.”

8.    Get into the world. Your world is not Reality TV, the cool boutique, Facebook or texting meaningless chatter. It is being engaged in experiences in the broader world that are dynamic, different, immersive and up-front and personal. They should make you feel alive—slightly uncomfortable and energized.

9.    Who do you spend your time with? Spend it with people that make you think, laugh and feel. People who are authentic with you and don’t feed your ego with gratuitous appeasement.

10.  Be Fearless. Fearlessness is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to move in the face of it with courage and compassion. This is what influences and impacts the world around us and causes things to shift. Be that force.