Thom focuses on three core drivers:


Clarity: Helping clients identify and systematically work toward strategic priorities



Alignment: Developing authentic, integrated leadership dynamics in support of those priorities


Engagement: Fostering a culture of commitment and accountability throughout the organization

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Helping individuals and organizations navigate critical points in their growth.


Thom’s practice areas include:

Change Management: Developing change strategies for companies experiencing significant growth, reorganization or the integration new initiatives or programs. 

Facilitative Leadership: Cultivating and challenging the integrity and alignment of leadership teams around critical priorities.

Assessment & Diagnostics: Conducting organizational assessments or interpreting research to provide actionable insights for critical decision-making. 

Interventional Facilitation: Facilitation, negotiation and coaching around sensitive strategic opportunities and issues either internally or client/customer/stakeholder facing.


Keynote Speaking

Thom has been a keynote speaker and lecturer at conferences, professional retreats and university classrooms. He focuses and customizes his topics to fit the cultural tone and audience profile.

Thom’s areas of expertise include:

  • Consumer-Centric Organizational Cultures
  • Art and Science of Negotiation
  • What is Branding? 
  • 21st Century Leadership
  • Life of Organizational Change
  • The Customer Journey

For more than twenty years, Thom has worked as a consultant and in-house executive. His experience extends from Fortune 500 to founder-based and non-profit companies. 

A native of the Bay Area, who has lived and worked on the West and East Coasts and in Europe, Thom currently resides in Portland, Oregon. He is passionate about the outdoors, considers himself a cultural junkie and loves any artisan food scene…and people that make him think and laugh.